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Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Community Events, Events | 0 comments

WORLD WIDE PROTEST!!! Hosted by Mike Mark Khamis

WORLD WIDE PROTEST!!! Hosted by Mike Mark Khamis

This event page is to organize a WORLDWIDE PROTEST connecting all Iraqi Christians and anyone else who believes in Human Rights, Religious Freedoms and Justice.

The first step, mass invite to this page, has been achieved and we would like to thank everyone for that.

Let’s not forget this is a protest that will unify our people under one cause and under one voice! On August 2nd our one people from all different churches will have one voice and rally for our brothers and sisters suffering back home.

Here are the next steps:

Step 1: Each city will create their own event page where they will put their own location and time to rally. (If two happen to be created at the same time, please avoid confusion and delete one of them). Title your events “Worldwide Protests – (insert your city here)”

Step 2: After an event page is created, the event admin will post the event URL on this “main event page” where the admin of this page will constantly update the events one by one in the disruption.

Step 3: This page will from then on just be used as an umbrella event page, meaning ideas about unified worldwide signs will be designed here, chants will be created here so that we all have a similar look and sound worldwide.

Step 4: participate in your own local events and post results on this main page

Please notify the admins of this page if your city is not listed below or you have recently created your city’s event page.

– Sydney:
United States:
– Washington:
Middle East:

Let’s also not forget to continue inviting everyone we know by:

Step 1: downloading Chrome web browser. Click the link

Step 2:
opening the chrome browser, click the link below and download the add on. Its called Facebook Invite All.

now you can invite all your friends in 1 minutes time. Just click the invite button on this event page. Scroll all the way down so all your friends have a box beside their name. Then at the top where the address bar is you’ll see a black check mark. click that and it will select all your friends, then hit send. It might freeze but don’t worry, let its finish. It will work. Click this video to learn how to invite everyone.


Facebook link:

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