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Chaldean history is very significant. It is important to know where our people came from and how they descended. Chaldeans are the native people of Iraq who speak a form of Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus Christ. Chaldeans are Eastern Rite Catholics, led by the patriarch of Babylon, and are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. They are Christian rather than Muslim, and prefer to identify themselves as Chaldeans rather than Arabs or Iraqi’s. Chaldeans mainly resided in Northern Iraq as mountain tenants and farmers in small villages and towns that sat close together.

Today, Detroit has the world’s largest population of Chaldeans outside of Iraq, with an estimated 121, 000 people. Many more Chaldeans are found to reside throughout the U.S, mostly in states like Arizona, California, San Diego, and other states. The Chaldean population enjoys places where there is hot weather, and good economy! The population is growing continually because there is always a constant arrival of Christian refugees who have fled Iraq in the face of religious harassment and war. The community here in Detroit feels empathy towards these refugees who are victims of all sorts of events that happened in Iraq, and helps them in many ways.

Chaldeans began immigrating to Metro Detroit in the 1920s in search of better religious freedom, political freedom, economic standing, and more job opportunities. Today, many Chaldean households own one business, and some have two or more. Chaldeans proved that they truly are hard-working, determined people. They enjoy large, cohesive families and are bound by their faith and culture.